Pursuing beauty and freedom

The Nakakoma collections came to be out of Kaoru’s refined eye for beauty and expansive sense of freedom towards life.

Kaoru was born in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture as the second daughter of a family operating a photography studio. Her uncle, pursuing freedom and a new land, boarded a boat bound for America in the late 1920s and arrived in Hawaii, where he started a new life.
Kaoru adored her uncle and had grown up as a bookish girl, with him as her mentor.
Thus Kaoru spent those early years in what was an unusually free household for the time, so the war was a long and trying ordeal for her.

After the war, Japan was in a mood to revitalize itself. Kaoru was no exception, and she sold her bridal vestments and bought a loom, designing by herself a silk item with a crane motif.
Thus began her life of bringing new, never-before-seen designs to the world from her home in snowy Tokamachi.
As Japan entered prosperous economic times, the business expanded from production to sales, and Kaoru started to collect a range of aesthetically beautiful items.

The Nakakoma collections are the essence of Kaoru Nakajima’s life lived in pursuit of beauty.