Exhibit planning

We possess some of Japan’s finest kimono, obi, and silk goods.
These pieces are beautiful in and of themselves, but they also possess considerable cultural value as prideworthy Japanese items. We would like more people to see these pieces for themselves.
We conduct exhibit and event planning for shows using items from our collections.
We also welcome collaborations with various disciplines such as art and kimono, the theater and kimono, et cetera. If you are interested in putting on an exhibit or working on a joint project, please share your ideas with us.

Sales and wholesale

We also engage in the sale of kimono and obi in our collections.
In addition to BtoB sales, we are happy to work with individual clients.
We boast Japan’s largest and most varied collection of items, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Clothing provision and rental

We also offer and rent clothing for various uses. Our collection includes a number of exceptionally rare kimono and obi unseen anywhere else. These are perfect for filming period dramas or for cultural exhibits.
We also rent out kimono for bridalwear to hotels and bridal salons, as well as to direct clients.